Pets Gut Master -Probiotics - Prebiotics - Enzymes Powder - Improves Digestion and Enhances Immunity - 50g

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Probiotics - Prebiotics - Enzymes Powder - Animal Food Supplement


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  • How many times a day, week or month and for how long to give?

    We recommend giving 2g twice a day for upto 10kg body weight, 3g twice a day for 10kg to 25kg body weight and 5g twice a day for over 25kg body weight or as directed by a veterinarian.

  • Hey, I wanted to buy the Health Hey Pets Gut Master, but the product contains Live Yeast. I don't think it is safe for cats. May I know why it has been included and if it is safe for cats?

    HealthyHey's Pets Gut Master contains live yeast because it can support gut health by promoting beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. While many dogs tolerate live yeast well, cats can be more sensitive. It's important to consult your veterinarian before using any product containing live yeast to ensure it’s safe for your cat's specific health needs.