100% Natural Acerola Cherry Vitamin C - Supports Immune Health

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Boost your immune health with our 100% Natural Acerola Cherry Vitamin C. Made from the highest quality acerola cherries, our supplement is packed with all the natural goodness of Vitamin C without any chemicals, synthetics, or preservatives.

Strengthen your immune system with our specially formulated Acerola Cherry Vitamin C. Say goodbye to common illnesses like colds and flu as you experience the power of natural Vitamin C.

What sets our capsules apart is their high bio-availability. Each capsule is designed for maximum absorption, ensuring that your body receives the full benefits of natural Vitamin C.

Manufactured at our FSSAI and USFDA registered facility, our Acerola Cherry Vitamin C guarantees quality and safety. We take pride in meticulously producing each capsule to meet the highest standards of nutrition.

Our Acerola Cherry Vitamin C provides long-lasting immune support with 60 veg. capsules per bottle. Take control of your well-being and boost your immune health today with our natural Vitamin C supplement.

  • Boosts immune health
  • Made from 100% natural acerola cherries

Say goodbye to synthetic chemicals and preservatives with our natural Vitamin C supplement. We believe in harnessing the power of nature to strengthen your immune system.

  • High bio-availability for maximum absorption

Experience the full benefits of Vitamin C with our high bio-availability capsules. Each dose ensures that your body can effectively absorb all the natural goodness packed into our supplement.


  • Quantity: 60 veg. capsules per bottle

Each bottle contains 60 veg. capsules, providing you with long-lasting immune support.

Questions & Answers

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  • Does this safe for dogs

    The product is specifically formulated for human consumption and is not intended for use by dogs or other animals.

  • What is the way to consume this?

    Take one capsule daily after a meal or as suggested by a healthcare professional.

  • Whether it is acidic or not?

    HealthyHey's Vitamin C from acerola cherry is acidic in nature.

  • Does it has bioflavonoid?

    Yes, acerola cherry is rich in bioflavonoids like anthocyanins and flavanols. These compounds contribute to the antioxidant properties and potential health benefits.